Hi guys! Well, the response to my Pay It Forward was underwhelming to say the least. I have one person, RoLynn, who is going to participate with me, but I still have two openings left!

So, what does that mean? I can’t knit or spin worth a flip and no one wants my handmade gifts? In my heart, I don’t feel that way, so please say it ain’t so – Joe! Or is everyone too busy to respond? Has Ravelry completely taken away all of the fun of blogging? I love Ravelry, but it’s sad that this forum seems to be lagging now. I know, I know, there is only so much computer time (or there should be) but, it’s still sad.

With all of that being said I will leave those two spots open until they are filled, if and when anyone else wants to participate in making other knitters/spinners/crocheters happy in their own way in the future.

On the knitting spinning front here at Chez Potere, all I can say is this guy:is seriously getting in my way of my leisurely pursuits! We did a lot of shopping yesterday, and then put up the tree. That Santa above is my absolute favorite ornament. I have my tree complete in Santa’s and angels now, since we have moved to a smaller tree. Here are a couple more of my favorites:
I got this one in work exchange years, and years ago! And now to see the complete opposite version:
Isn’t he fun?! I may have shown you guys this before, but here are Caryn and Bryan’s stockings: One Angel:and one Santa:to prove to you that I have been knitting here are Caryn’s sleeves:
I do believe the sweater will be finished next week! Yeah!