So, can someone tell me why I have been turning out trash as far as finished objects go? I mean look at this:
It looks great doesn’t it? And it starts to stretch out:
But man, I have tried to super steam it with the iron and this is as far as it would go:
But isn’t the edging so very pretty?

And it’s really funny to turn around and see this:
I am thinking it is the best use of this blanket right now! Crazy cat, he’s sitting on pins! BTW let this be a warning: if you try this at home, let me tell ya that the dogs could scare the cat,who in turn throws the whole mess on it’s side, the pins end up down the heating vents and you could almost have a broken iron and window screen to the your fireplace. The ironing board was promptly put in it’s place after that, and I have given up on this one! OK Enough Helmlock!! God, gag me already – huh?

So, we will move along to the contest winner. Karen! Come on down and choose the color you want for stitch markers! Yeah, she knows me best, I guess! I mean after all she’s my bosom buddy! šŸ™‚ It may have seemed she had an unfair advantage since she works with me and all, but hey, there are a few more of you that knew and didn’t guess LACE and all it’s glory is my favorite! So, just to show you that yes, I can knit without it looking horrible here is my evidence:

This was given to Mom for Christmas one year, and it was a German pattern done on size 0 needles and size 10 thread. This one was my first doily ever!
This one was given to my Mother in Law: Another German pattern, size 0000 needles and size #20 thread.
This one is mine: Mommes Lysedug – size 20 thread and size 0 needles:

I’m off to knit plain stockinette, maybe I can do that. . .