Hi to everyone out there in blog land – it has finally turned into normal weather around here, although if we ever make up the water tables you will hear a little grumbling about muddy paws again! The other morning it was so cool looking outside that I tried to catch the beauty of the beginning of the day with Blazer as the model:

If you click on that you can see how badly the pasture has deteriorated this past summer. We are working on seeding and praying for rain now! Don’t worry about the pony tho, we feed him hay we purchase from our neighbors, with sweet feed and mineral block each night. Have any of you noticed that we have spoiled pampered pets?

Anyway, as the title above states, I have actually finished one of my wips! Lordy bee! Can you even believe it? Well, it’s true, check out the Yogo Socks below:

I’m a little disgruntled that I didn’t notice they didn’t match insides, but what the hay – who is really going to notice that? I got really good color on these shots! So, these are pretty true, at least on my monitor. That’s an Eye of the Partridge Heel, which is a little wide on my feet, but I hope to get some Birkenstock’s to show these off with –

Here’s another perspective with the cables really showing off:

I have one really good shot that makes my legs look like a mannequins legs, but I chose to keep that one to myself. 🙂

After getting up super early for a Saturday, and running into work for a few hours, Caryn met me at the plant and we went to the International Festival they had in downtown Bowling Green. It was a lot of fun seeing all the different ethnicities of our little town. I was totally exhausted, partly due to stress from work, and from my shot the night before, so we didn’t make it to the Bon Dance that my co-worker’s were in, but I did manage to find this African Grass basket:
See, now I have a place to put this:
And is that not too pretty! I finally, finally, finally got the colors to look right! Of course you can’t tell what the heck it is unless I tell you it’s the Helmlock Ring Blankie that I am making for Caryn. I am twelve rows short of being done, but right now I have 536 stitches on the needle and it increases to 608, only two more increase rows to go! I’m hoping for another FO next week, I don’t know though as work is killing me right now. I can’t wait to retire, and Chris says that can be as soon as we only have one child in college – whoo hoo! That would be two years!

Well, that’s it for today, so, I leave you with this shot of: Here’s lookin’ at you kid!

Bailey has abandonment issues and has to be sure we are still here. She checks on us every 10 minutes or so. . . silly doggie. Nitro is more interested in the backyard, but don’t tell Bailey. She thinks he’s checking out her legs. . .