It is so cool to have friends that will drop everything on a Saturday afternoon, just to come over and visit. I had some sock yarn that I offered to trade/or give to Ashley, a friend from my knitting group. Somehow, RoLynn, (Ashley’s Mom) met Peggy on the internet, who is another friend of mine, and she knew about our group of knitters from meeting me on the internet and now we are all great friends. Isn’t that cool? I mean what did we all do before this technology was available, anyway?

Anyway, I digress. . . as usual, I know. So, Ashley and RoLynn came to visit yesterday and it was really so fun to sit around and talk knitting and spinning with other people that “get it” and well, it was just cool. So, RoLynn traded me some wool for some sock yarn, Lookey what she gave me:

Silk and Cotton:
And straight Silk:

And Mohair:
So tell me, how does a person who has only known you for approximately two or three months get every color you love in one fell swoop?! I love them all, but I am a bit worried about the silk and the silk and cotton, as those are fibers I have not spun before! Well, they will just have to come back over to help teach me! 🙂

The Helmlock is almost a finished object:

The rows are definitely long now, and I only have so much free time don’tcha know! I hope to finish this week- I am getting kind of anxious to see it blocked out – plus I am trying to finish that sock and my Kai Cardigan is now being worked on again since I figured out the V-Neck shaping on it and I am on my way – I hope to post about that soon. How many of you guys really know the procedure of creating your neckline in the round? Yeah, there isn’t much published on it is there? So, maybe my findings will help.

Chris has continued to finish up the barn now that it is not 100 degrees plus outside, he was playing with Bailey and Caryn got this really good shot of him at lunch yesterday:

I was so proud of my daughter, Caryn this past week. She joined the National Honor Society at school, this year. (I think she finally understands that it helps with scholarships and such when applying to colleges.) The team took a trip to Bowling Green on Thursday for team debates and exams competing with the other schools in our district. Well, she got second place with her testing for spelling. We thought it was pretty cool!