I “met” the most amazing lace knitter this week over here on Susan’s blog – I’ve been interested in the Icelandic Lace Shawl that the Daily Knitter is/was supporting and I have been perusing the internet to find the “right” yarn. Well, procrastination is sometimes a good thing, look at the original and then take a look at Fleegle’s blog. You have to keep in mind that the average temperature this past week has been hovering at the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark – so, I ordered some of the lace weight Susan is working with – in color 106 though . . . Susan’s is color 103. I ordered 6 200 meter balls, so I actually I don’t think I ordered enough, but the whole thing was a bit intimiating, so the yarn can always be used for a Sivia Harding design!

The next cool thing that happened via the internet was this morning I listened all five parts of working with a drum carder by “rexenne” this morning, and granted the very first one was a bit over the top, but it got my “ADD” in gear and I worked with my carder this afternoon and this was the results: PS: Don’t forget that I am now a iMac person and still can’t figure out how to make these pictures smaller!! So just a note of warning!

Do you remember Lady Blue Jeans: (Is that the right name? Hhmm, getting old, don’t remember right now.) This is one of the batts I made last time I was attempting to use the drum carder:

Now this is how it looked today:

Then I thought I would try some blending: these colors are in my placemats in the kitchen, how’s that for figuring out color combinations? I never would have put olive with aqua, but it works –

Blending in progress:

Isn’t it pretty? I took this off and messed up the rolag, had to card it one more time (damn it) and so this is my end result:

So how many of you guys have a burnishing tool for your carder and if you don’t have one what do you use? Well, I used one of my ashford handcards, and with results like this, I will probably continue to use them this way!!