Well guys – I have nothing, nadda, niltch to report on the knitting or spinning front that you haven’t all seen or heard before.

I am have washed up the end of the Snowberry fleece and it is currently drying on the drying rack. I am almost to the end of the B4 Bag.

I am still working on my BeadWork swatch in Merino Bamboo, boy, you should of seen the flack I got about using a bamboo yarn on the BW yahoo group. I still think this will work since it has 60% Merino 10% Nylon and 30% Bamboo in it. They all seem to think it will stretch out unbelievably. I don’t think they saw the word “blend” in my post and just ran with it.

I am sitting here playing with my new iMac and until the credit card is paid off, there won’t be any new yarn or fiber purchases in my near future! I like it so far, but my e-mail is different and I am still searching for a good checkbook utility to use – so any suggestions are welcome.

As a side note, I am struggling with iMac and Blogger, so the pictures are probably huge. The doggies were playing with Caryn and a stick . . . just look at those faces! What’s not to love?