So, I have been spinning. . . bet you didn’t know. . . I got a shipment from Wooly Wonka Fiber’s as I am in Anne’s Exotic Fiber Club. This shipment was for 4 oz. of the most white Cormo roving I have ever seen!! Since my wheel was in a prime spot for moving out bobbins, I started spinning some of it up:

I know, that’s not a bobbin, but look at how white that roving is!! Ok, I have to admit, it’s not my favorite to spin. It is very soft, yes, and it is very well prepared, but I still end up with itty bitty nups that do pick out, but drive me nutty. I don’t think that soft fine wools can be prepared without these bugger’s, which is why I sold a whole prepared fleece of Cormo from OVF. I just couldn’t stand the nupps, and it feels like I have to practically watch every second or the fiber pulls away from me! I don’t remember either of these problems with some hand dyed merino I started with on Tina, so maybe this is indicative of Cormo. I don’t know, but here is my spinning so far:

So, the reason I was ready to start this is I had another full bobbin of Georgia ready to ply with it’s mate on the Lazy Kate. So, this afternoon, I plied, and plied, and plied:

It’s major hot here in KY which is the reason for the half gallon drink sitting next to me! But anyway, I took a shot of my lazy kate after plying the two bobbins and, Ashley, just look how close I came to being perfect! Well, I don’t usually get this close, this is pretty dad-gum close, I have to say myself!

So, this resulted in 291 wraps on a 1.5 yard skein winder:

Which equates to 432 yards approximately:

And this is all the roving I have left to do of Georga:

Which I am now trying to decide to either spin the whole thing on a bobbin and center ball ply or try to even it out on two bobbins and ply ’em up like I did today. . . my luck is not so great with the center pull ball, but I hate to waste any of these singles either! Decisions, decisions!