This week has been full of the SSDD syndrome! (Thank you, Stephen King for this acronym) and who knows if I spelled that right! There just hasn’t been a lot going on around here. Unless, of course, you count cleaning and laundry and all that fun stuff – so, the fiber world has had to take a back seat this week, and actually it didn’t become a back seat driver either.

I’ve been spinning the Romney, and if I show you anymore pictures of it, I’m sure you will puke. So, I thought I would show the basket of corriedale-romney filling up:

You know, I think I was getting some sort of injured elbow from all that wool pulling. Maybe I need to comb twice, I don’t really know. In any event, I gave it a rest this week to make sure I didn’t do any serious injury.

I’ve been doing a little bit of spindling, although, I think I stink at it.

What do you do with the yarn on the spindle when the spindle is full? Do you wind onto a toilet paper tube? If you do that how do you add more yarn to it for a continuous thread?

The second Jaywalkers is still in progress:

The color on this is right on for a change – I wanted to show you the heel, as I did a PGR Shortrow heel and it came out really good. But that camera shot came out too close, and a bit blurry.

Farmer Chris went for a short ride yesterday:

Blazer seems to be pretty happy here, but then again, how can you really tell?

And that’s about all from this neck of the woods!