Yesterday, Peggy and her granddaughter Emma Belle picked Caryn and myself up to go to Tennessee on a bunny hunt!

It was quite and adventure, as the woman who was selling the French Angora Rabbits was completely clueless when it came to giving directions! On top of that, dear Peggy doesn’t have a map in the car. . . ok, well, not my usual way of doing things and hopefully, I didn’t spoil Peggy’s day, but I honestly hate to not know where I am going! All’s well that ends well, though and Peggy got 2 of the little critter’s and I am thinking about the offspring of those two. . . Go see the cuties on her blog!! Oh, I want one!

Ok in other persuits, when you take two of these:

And ply them together:

You could get one of these (with leftover’s on one bobbin):

This is 4.5 ounces of a Romney Sheep named Georgia (from Skyline Farms) that spun into 305 yards of two ply yarn at 14 wpi.

I have been using the Yarn Scale that is supplied in The Essentials of Yarn Design by Mabel Ross to try and stay consistent with this yarn. I think that so far it is working! This is the darkest of my Romney and I plan to have three darks and two lights for a fairisle design by Ron Schwitzer.