My favorite way to prep a fleece for spinning is hands down, combing. I bought a pair of Alvin Ramer wool combs second hand from someone selling theirs on the Spin List.

I have loved working with them, and they do everything I could possibly want. Except actually fit on my counter top, table or any other horizontal surface I have in this house! They do actually fit on this bar stool that I used for one of my plants, but The Combs have take over now! The biggest problem I have found in combing is all the dirt that I try to get out in the washing of the fleece finally does come out in the combing. I don’t know if I am not getting my water hot enough, or what, but I have an amazing amount of clumped sand/dirt in this Romney-Corriedale fleece I washed and dyed:

So, if I can’t comb in the kitchen (the only place in my house with tile floors that is basically a free for all since the dogs live in there – I do vacuum and wash the floor weekly, if not more when it rains! I don’t want anyone thinking we are pigs!) then, I am stuck. I was recently complaining to Mr. Fix It and he comes out of the garage with these:

Oh my Lord! I have died and gone to heaven! These babies fit around anything! Look!

I am highly, highly recommending these clamps to anyone who can get their hands on them! They were purchased from Sears, and Mr. Fix It thinks they were around $20. They they are fabulous for outdoors (then, I don’t even have to sweep or vacuum again!) and they also work around my table that has a long edge:

No, we have no control over Nitro, as you can plainly see. He is his own boss, except when the dogs get in on the Act!

So, this is what the Romney-Corridale is working up to:

How can you resist combing when you get results like this?