Yes, and I am one of the fools that had to work this morning for inventory! So, this is going to be short as I am now a little behind at home –

I got it in my head to do some dyeing last weekend, and here are some of those results. The roving in the roaster with pink, blue and green dye:

Here is the BFL drying on the drying rack in my room- I am so very pleased with the way this turned out!

And here is the Romney-Corriedale cross fleece in the remaining dye bath.

I’ve already started combing this fleece and it’s looking like it will be really pretty when it’s spun up! It was a lot of fun to dye, and I am thinking about my next project, however, I really need to get a handle on the amount of works in progress I have going!

I bought this for the Anitque Lace wrap I showed you all last time. It is Lady Godivia in Ivory and it is gorgeous, and apparently the picture is huge, I keep trying to scale these down, but not having much success this morning! This is not a great shot, but my kitchen is a bit dark, as I missed the morning sun, since I was at WORK.