Ok, you guys, thanks for posting your guesses on my gallon jug of silver, the winner is Caroline! I had counted $303.30 in change, so see? Throwing your loose change at the end of a week can be worth it! Although, I am glad I didn’t wait to buy my wheels! Miss Caroline if you will contact me privately, I can get your mailing address (yet, again) and send this yarn off to you!

It helped me make a pretty nice purchase in the end:

Now if I can figure out how to use it! I am trying to learn how to add audio books to this little baby, but I’m not being very successful so far. I’m usually pretty computer literate, but sometimes these things just get me. Anyone out there know how to help me with this??

I bought an Edward Tabachek Cherry Turkish spindle this week, in an effort to learn how to spindle spin successfully, and I think I may actually be liking this:

I also think that I am one of those weirdos that love a heavier spindle and a bottom whorl to boot. I am getting a fingering weight so far with this. Look at the bottom, I actually had to buy a book to figure out how to wind on correctly. It was definately a duh moment!

Here is my Kai in progress: I am just beginning the central diamond, and I can’t believe how hard this color is to photograph! Can you see the wave in this?? It’s been pretty fun to do so far!