Gosh the dogs get so dang dirty after a rain, you would think we had no grass at all in the backyard! This is the primary reason we haven’t finished with the overhaul of the kitchen area. I guess we’ll live but it surely looks crappy! I had a friend tell me of some sort of wall board that we could put up, but I’ve forgotten the name. . . guess I’ll have to ask her again!

Ok so here’s some knitting content: update on Kai – a little progress and I thank all of you who suggested keeping the diamond central. I did do that, and I know you probably can’t see it (well, I know you can’t ’cause I’m not a speed knitter like Vanessa, and I’m not there yet!) but this is totally even on the back, which translates to even on the fronts too! Here’s the most current picture:

It looks a little puckery, but I think it will be ok in the end, it may just be the way I have it all squished on the needles:

And I’ve been working on these: Remember these?? These are the Mermaid Socks from Lucy Neatby that I started quite some time ago! Ok, well the BBS came first for a while!

I picked this up at the LYS for a notion bag: it’s pretty cool don’tcha think?

And now I have a contest for ya’ll, the person who comes closest to the correct number wins two skeins of Claudia Handpaints that are languishing in my stash: This color is called Chilie Peppers:

I had a gallon jug that I had originally purchased to partake of the yummy JW Dundee’s Honey Brown Lager that it held. Well, over the years I have added all of my silver from the week into the jug, thinking I would try to buy a spinning wheel with the cash. Well, you all know I am not patient, and that was a silly goal, but in any event the gallon jug continued to be filled week after week. So, this past week the jug broke, too much pressure I suppose. . . so Caryn and I rolled the silver and now here is my question: How much money did I end up with?? Closest guess wins next Sunday!

And one more shot of my dearest love:

Have a good week!