Looky, looky we had snow in the yard Saturday morning! I got out on the front porch to try and get all the male cardinals we had at the bird feeder and in the pine trees, but as soon as I got out there – whooosh off they all went. We must have had at least fifteen pairs of cardinals in the front yard, at the feeder and in the trees. They’re just so pretty. Oh well. Here is my Magnolia Tree covered in snow:

On to knitting: The only reason I got as far as I have is the snow, not that I can’t drive in it, I just decided to camp out inside and knit and watch old movies. (You guys remember I am a slowww knitter right? I haven’t figured out the two handed stranding method, but I hope to get there with this design.) I have gotten through the corrugated ribbing, and it is quite pretty. I am not thrilled with the Osprey color, it is so close to Moorland, that you almost can’t see the difference. I asked my hubby last night if these colors were too masculine for me to wear, and you should have seen his face! What?? There are masculine colors in your sweater? Oh, well. I hope I haven’t made a boo-boo with this leap of faith in the colors being used in this design. Let me know what you think, will you please? This first shot is without flash or direct sunlight:

This shot has direct sunlight coming in from the back patio windows:

I am now on the set up row for the design itself, and I am still struggling on whether to center on the diamond part of the design or to just go with the design as is. Any thoughts on this is appreciated too. (Remember this design is in Simply Shetland 2.) Hope you all have a good week – I am now off to figure out how the %&$% I lost all my bookmarks! Oh boy. I’m going to a Mac next time!