Gosh, how can I get you guys good pictures if the Sun never shines on the weekends? It’s making me crazy that it rains all weekend lately. The dogs give us new meaning to the name “mud room”! Which is actually our back door entry into the house and kitchen, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the floors and walls clean in there!

Anyway, I digress as usual. I have been spinning and dyeing lately and I wanted to take pictures to show how nice some of this is coming out. I will give it my best shot!

This was a pound of roving that was super cheap on e-bay, a blend of a variety of different wools that is not really soft or harsh, so I guess just a medium wool (at $5 it was a steal). Now, I was going for a super light blue, but this is what the dye pot yielded:

Then I used the remaining dye to put in some merino wool I am going to make a sweater from, but the end result was one skein looked green and two looked blue, so, I over dyed that result with a more brilliant blue and this is that result: (please ignore the clean laundry drying with the wool!)

I think this will be ok, I hope so anyway, since this is slated for the FLAK by Janet Szabo. I was going to purchase some Araucania Nature’s Wool, which would have been mottled too, so perhaps this will work too. I will be doing a swatch soon to check it out, but of course that would mean I have to give up spinning to knit! And look what finally came from Ohio Valley Fibers:

I sent this in to the mill in September (first week of) and got it back just last week. Just a bit slow, but I had them wash and pin draft it for me. This is a cormo fleece, and the sheep’s name is/was Keiki, the fleece was 5.2 pounds and came back to me at 3.9 pounds.It is lovely, and I have no clue what will become of it yet! Then, I found this lovely fiber on e-bay:

Oh man! The Seller’s E-bay name is “FrayedKnot” and I just can’t say enough kind words about her. You just have to touch this stuff, but, now all my bobbins have something on them! So, I am carding this by hand to fulfill my tactile needs! (lol) Plus April from WoolyVines sent me this (I was asking for more Berry Lush to go with the Merino I spun up last time.) You guys have to get some of her stuff it is fabulous!