You know how it is when you are perusing the internet and you see that lovely yarn that you just can’t resist? Yeah, well, I am now in the process of cleaning up my stash, and, ahem, I think I have a problem. You know, like “Hi, my name is June and I can’t stop buying yarn and any fiber related object.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I have never had to rob Peter to pay for my purchases, but I’m starting to feel pretty guilty about it! So, next week I will have pictures of yarn for sale for the price of postage, just to get some of this in hands that will knit it!!

First off the barn: Look at all those toys!! And he is upset with my two spinning wheels??? Nawh, he really is the best – Look how far we’ve gotten!

So, anyway, on to other things, I have been trying to grow jade plants ever since I can remember (and that’s a long time) and this is the best I have ever, ever done. I wanted to transplant it and give it some nutrients, but of course we have about one tablespoon of dirt left in the dirt bag in the garage. . . so, next week I hope.

And on the needles is: Hyrna –

I am not fast especially when I have three things going right now! But look at this, I just love, love, love this color from Ms. Lisa:


And of course, two pairs of socks: Mermaid (for me in size women’s size 6)

OK: This pair should count as two pairs!!! BBS for Socks for Soldiers men’s size large 10 – 11, Good Grief they are huge! Men have enormously big feet!