I did it, I did it! I finished up the Elektra this weekend!
I love the way this yarn has come out, however it is unbelievably hard to photograph! I ended up with approximately 1,000 yards, which is about what I was aiming for, I have a specific pattern in mind for a vest, and I wanted enough yarn to be able to swatch, swatch, swatch! So, now the basket is empty and I thought this was a cool picture:

I have been spinning for just about three years, and I am completely self taught, but I think this yarn came out really well. However, if you don’t please don’t burst my bubble! I hope the amount of photos in this post isn’t too much, I just love my pictures though:
I have never two plied and got my bobbin so close before, this is another accomplishment on my part as I usually don’t bother to andean ply up the end of the bobbin (ok, this is about the thousandth time I have written boobin instead of bobbin – what the heck?) I just normally pull it all off and into the waste basket it goes –

Caryn and I are going to see Tom Petty this coming weekend, he is playing at the HiFi Buys Amphitheater, in Atlanta, GA. I have been constantly hounded by Caryn to go see him in Atlanta, since we had to miss his performance in Nashville last year, due to a vacation in Maine at the same time. I finally gave in last week, therefore, our seats are on the lawn, (we may not be able to see the man without binoculars!) but I hope the music is still good! I just hope no druggie throws up on us or anything! It’s a six hour drive, so I don’t think there will be an update to the blog next week.