Got a new to me toy, and I tried valiantly to get a good picture of this, but it’s cloudy outside and therefore, dark in the house.

I love this new skein winder, I hated the niddy noddy, although when I wanted to stretch my yarn slightly I would wind it on there and leave it over night. The Niddy always seemed to take forever, and my hand would actually cramp sometimes. . . maybe that was the MS talkin’ who knows? In any event, the skein worked brillantly! Since it takes time off the process, I love it! Although, I did a stupid thing yesterday in my excitement over this and took one of my skeins off the winder without the ties – big, ginormous mistake! (Took me at least an hour to fix that boo,boo!) But, I learned my lesson, and got the second half done this morning in about another hour (plying and skeining approximately four ounces, yes, I am slow. . . I have very curious animals at my house that tend to slow me down!)

Ok, only 4 oz. left and now to figure out what I have and about what I will end up with to start swatching!

Hyrna is now in full swing, and I did take it apart one more time, since my straight lines were not straight in the beginning. Thank you Angela for all your support in this effort! I am now reading the pattern without hesitation on every stitch, I think for me it was a matter of placing my stitch markers, now I seem to be zooming!

BBS are still in progress but a little bigger, so no fun pictures of that. We are off to see “Hollywood Land” so had to get this together quickly today –

See ya!