Our son, Bryan is on his way back to school today, so it is pretty quiet around here, I guess it was meant to be a crappy weekend, dh, Chris didn’t get the job he was going for and dd, Caryn didn’t get her license. Hopefully, next weekend will be brighter! It raining and gloomy here and it fits my mood!

I finished my doily last night, then I was checking it over because deep down in my heart I just knew there was going to be at least one problem, and of course, there was. . .

A wayward stitch that came apart and now I really am quite clueless on how to fix it. It was part of one of those blasted knit three together stitches that was almost more than I could do with crappy addi size zeros! I finally learned the best way to do them for my hands, but as you can see, it was difficult to determine if all the stitches were actually caught, and I did try to be sure they were, but crap! One got away from me.

I know how to pull this back into the stitches to make it look right, but how do I secure the final stitch!?? This might end up in the UFO never to be resurrected pile.

So, here is a final shot of the doily unblocked, cause I’m not gonna go to all the trouble of blocking if a stitch is going to run right down to the middle – does anyone out there have any suggestions??