Ok, I’ve decided, finally, that I can not stand working with carded fiber. Well, maybe that is a bit harsh. I should qualify that statement by saying I can’t stand working with my carded fiber. I bought a cvm lamb’s fleece that I had my heart set on making lace weight yarn with – well here is the inside of one of my batts:

The spinning was not fun, and I was constantly stopping to try and pick out the neps in this mess. So, being anal and also, trying to remember how much money I spent on this fleece (a lot) I decided to comb the rolag. Well, it is a big rolag, so part of it:

It is making a really nice soft nest and I am loving spinning up this stuff. It is just flowing out of my fingers. I am still trying for lace weight, but there is still a lot of lanolin in there (yes, I did wash before carding, but I can never manage to get it really, really clean) but, you know I really prefer spinning it this way versus a dried up commerical processed top!

This is the end result and I am now a very happy camper! Anyone want to buy a Louet Carder?

I also plied up the fiber I had on my bobbins for this wool/mohair you’ve all heard me talking about. Pretty huh? I now have 648 yards of this – with a little more than 4 ounces left to spin. It’s been a very productive weekend so far!