Too much going on this weekend, trying to do laundry and housework, and beading and knitting. . . so, this will be short and sweet. (Just like me!)

Made up some stitch markers for a friend, Cindy, in FL who was once living here in Ky, but decided to move South when her husband did. Wise choice, I think. Ok, so tell me which ones you like in this bunch! Come ON! Comment!

We had Bailey spaded this weekend, as we decided we could hardly handle her, never mind getting a litter of these Australian Shepards!! So, I’ve also been trying to keep her calm and relaxed. Well, hell, it just ain’t workin’ so, I’ve cooped her up in the laundry room area to make her lay down. Good God, you would think she would have a bit of pain, wouldn’t you?

OK, off to get some knitting done, the doily I am working on is a definately slow going. On one row you have a double yarn over, the next row you have to knit, purl into that double yarn over, then the next row you K2Tog for those two stitches! I am really having a time of it, the needles are size 0’s and addi’s with the crappy point. But, I say, find me a size zero from anyone else with a good lace working join! Anyone have any suggestions??

Have a good week!