This week, I have been learning new things and this for some reason always makes me go out there and try to find every scrap of information about the new “thing”. So, for one I learned how to make two socks on one circular needle using the magic loop method and a few websites in between. Here is the evidence:

Not sure I like the striping pattern this yarn is taking, but I’ve gotten way too far to rip out now!

I’ve also been playing with my beads and wire this weekend, and I have finally gotten pretty good at the “P” loop and the “S” chain, but I didn’t take pictures of that.

I’ve also decided that since I have “startitis” that if I start something new, then something old must come out of the UFO basket. So, this doily was chosen, and now I am having so much fun with it my socks are languishing! I tried to show you two photos, but Blogger and I are not getting along today! This photo is a pretty good representation of the true color:

And the final photo of the day is to show that the DFS really is a finished object! I think it’s just the right size for me too!