Hey guys, well, see. . . it’s Mother’s day, and well, I can’t say I’ve done a darn thing today. I usually get my posts all ready on Sundays, but I just didn’t get there today. Yesterday was Bryan’s 19th birthday and we were quite busy with that. . . he is a very low maintence child, but I have to try anyway! A couple of cd’s and a pc game later and he was very happy. Plus cake, and Olive Garden for dinner, which we have to drive 45 minutes to get to. That’s the thing with living in the small town America, it takes a half hour to get anywhere. But, that’s ok! We like it this way.

I did start a project out of Bead and Button, but it’s not working out correctly, so will have to try again next week after I get some replacement jump rings. Then, I am on my 7th repeat of the DFS and hope to finish this week. Next weekend is a Knitter’s Retreat we girls have been doing the past couple of years. It’s quite a drive but it’s usually a good time. I plan to bring my wheel (Joy – Rose is too heavy) and something from my ufo pile. . .probably a doily that has been languishing. . . Found a really cool blog today with this as it’s highlight: Ella and boy,is it beautiful. Do you think I can find her blog now though?? Heck no! I know it’s Liz and I know she’s on typepad. . . I even commented, but can’t get back there. Yah, I’m computer literate. Actually, since DS has been home, he has rearranged a few things and we no longer us IE, we use Firefox instead, so I am still learning a few things here! I am now searching through stash to make this up in! They of course used Lady Godiva by Hand Maiden. Well, a bit pricey for me right now, although I really want some! Wah!

Probably no post next week as DH, Chris is off to Massachusettes again he will be traveling one week out of three until they get that damned machinery down here. I tell ya, the left hand don’t know what the hell the right hand is doing at his place of employment. Which is why I left! Caryn has two weeks left of school, then she is out for the summer. I know she is looking forward to that!

Off to see the end of West Wing, my absolute favorite show. . . darn them, why can’t it just keep going?