Thanks to our neighbor’s daughter, Whittney, we have some pictures of the puppy to share this morning with you all!
We named her Bailey (after her Mom) and Blue for Blue Merle Australian Shepard. She is just the cutest thing and so sweet natured. Nitro is not too sure he likes this situation much, but he hasn’t been too awful to her anyway. The worst part has been the worry of what to do with her on Monday when we all have to go back to work/school. We are planning on putting her in the laundry room, with the door closed, since she can jump baby gates! Holy cow, never thought that would happen!
My son is having a much better semester so far this second semester, and we are thankful for that! He comes home the week after next for Spring break. . . guess what he’s going to be doing??! Puppy sitting!
I have been spinning every chance I have on some mohair/wool blend which is really yummy. I also tried some roaster oven dying this weekend and was aiming for coral/pink but the roving looks very much like orange to me. . . I think I was over zealous with the dye splashing, so, I’ll try again next weekend. Pictures from a throwaway digital camera have been taken, and a call to Fuji has been made. Supposedly, they had to order parts. . . blah, blah, blah. I’m not impressed.
Off to entertain the furry friends!