Well, I have been working on this cardigan until I am almost sick every time I look at it! Do any of you feel that way about your long projects? The ones that seem like they will never end!! I realize that I am working this on tremendously small needles (3.0 mm’s) but this was ridiculous. So, ok, here is a picture of the Sunset Cardigan without blocking, and without all my ends neatly tucked away, and without the absolutely perfect buttons:
Ok, that’s pretty good. It shows how much Christmas Spirit I have, and it’s actually a really great shot of a picture of my darling childern, but do you think it could have been just a smidge closer? So you could see the painstaking care I took with the details of this cardigan. . . so here I try to show you that:

Well, it’s not too bad I suppose. I really wouldn’t have worn purple if I had thought about what I was doing today. . . but, my son had to be driven back to Lexington, to the UK Campus and I was rushing around trying to make sure I had given him all the “stuff” he needed to make it through the next few weeks away from home. But I digress . . . the fact that he is so totally not needing his family (he doesn’t even bring laundry home with him) is another story. I should be very proud to say I am the mother of a college freshman who is doing very well, and has totally adjusted to college life! And actually I really am proud of him. . . so, let’s move along here –

I am off to finish up the sewing in of the “ends” and then to block out the button bands. They actually came out pretty good, but I like everything to hang just so. . . and right now they have just the slightest curve in them. I really stink at button bands and everything that goes with them, I was thinking of getting a video on this by Leslye Solomon/Dorothy Ratigan, but I’m not sure how much that would really help. Has anyone else seen this video? (Buttonholes and Bands.)

I am not sure if I will be able to get the pictures of the completed Sunset avec perfect buttons next week or not, my camera is really not working properly and I am sending it back to the manufacturer tomorrow. Darn it! I really like my camera too, it’s not zooming, and objects are not showing up on the view finder, and a whole host of problems. I guess I should be grateful that Chris got this shot at all!